MDRAO MDR Techniques Online Course Information

MDRAO MDR Techniques Online Course Information

Ensure that you read all information contained on this page before proceeding to course registration.


The MDRAO Medical Device Reprocessing Techniques Online Course provides information to support Medical Device Reprocessing staff members in their work in the field of reprocessing.

The information required by staff to ensure their safety and the patient’s safety within healthcare organizations is expanding, as new antibiotic resistant micro-organisms become more prevalent in our society.

Staff require in depth understanding of the principles of decontamination, assembly and sterilization to function effectively, to reduce risk to themselves and the patients. They need to have a basis for critical decision-making when unusual incidents occur.

The course materials rely heavily on the latest Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards and regulations that guide Canadian health care. 



  • You do not have to be working in a healthcare setting to take this course.
  • This online course does not offer any practical component or placement.
  • Course registrants receive a 1-year Associate Membership to the MDRAO and gain access to members’ resources on


  • This course is self-paced but it must be completed in a four-month time frame. The course AND final exam must be completed within this timeframe.
  • Course start dates are on the 16th and the 1st day of each month. Your start date depends on your registration date.
    • Registrations from the 1st – 15th of the month: Course start date is 16th of the month.
    • Registrations from the 16th to end of the month: Course start date is the 1st of the next month.


The course fee is $749 plus HST and shipping.

  • This price includes a copy of the manual and workbook.
  • This price does not include the exam fee.

The cost of the final exam voucher is $65 plus tax.

  • The final exam is not included in the course price. You will receive instructions on purchasing an exam voucher when you complete your course modules.

The manual and workbook will be mailed to you via Canada Post. A welcome email and instructions will be sent to you once the online registration and payment have been completed and received by the office. Read the welcome message carefully.

  • A link to download your .pdf receipt is included in your confirmation email. This is sent to the email you provided when completing the online payment.
  • This receipt is the only receipt you will receive. The office does not keep copies of these receipts. Keep your copy for further use for income tax purposes or reimbursement from your employer. The MDRAO does not provide government receipts for tax purposes.
  • MDRAO-AORDM is a not-for-profit organization not a college.


  • Must have Grade 12 education or equivalent (proof may be required).
  • Must be fluent in speaking, writing and reading English.
  • Must have access to a computer with a webcam as the final exam is written online with an online proctor. Mobile devices, tablets, virtual machines, and Chromebooks cannot be used for the final exam. 
  • Must complete all 14 chapters and all online quizzes at the end of every chapter module. Each quiz must be complete with a passing mark of 80%  to move onto the next chapter. A  MDRAO facilitator will be assigned to each student for any assistance regarding the course material. The student will receive an email with the facilitator’s contact information that they are assigned to.
  • The course must be completed online in the four-month time frame. No extensions are permitted. Assistance is available with an MDRAO facilitator.
  • A mark of 70% must be achieved on the exam. A digital certificate of completion will be emailed to the address that was provided at the time of registration.  The certificate is valid for 5 years from the date on the certificate.
  • If the exam is not completed successfully, one re-write is permitted. At the end of the exam once the mark is given and if below 70%, a link will be provided to complete the registration and payment of $200.00 to re-write the exam. The student has 14 days from the initial exam to re-write. If the re-write exam is unsuccessful or the student does not wish to re-write, the student cannot register for the course again until after June 1 of the next education year.
  • No registration refunds or substitutions for registered students will be permitted. All payments are final and non-refundable. Once you pay for the course, you shall not be given a refund. You shall not be given a refund if you fail to complete the course or fail to write the final exam within the four-month time frame, due to any circumstances, including your own failure to complete the course work.