MDRAO Constitution

Constitutional amendments are presented and voted upon annually.

Our present Constitution allows members in good standing including Executive Members of each Chapter and Members of the Provincial Board of Directors to propose amendments and to vote on constitutional changes.

A call for amendments with a submission form and instructions will be posted on the MDRAO website December 1st yearly.

Constitutional amendments submissions must be made by January 15th every year by 23:59 Eastern time.

All amendments presented will be reviewed for acceptance by the Provincial Executive Group.

The proposed constitutional changes accepted by the board will be posted on the website and voted upon 45 days after being posted.

The new constitution will be posted on the website 30 days after the Annual Meeting.

MDRAO Constitution (June 2019)

Instructions on how to submit a proposed amendment to the constitution

Proposals for amendments to our Constitution will open on December 1 yearly. Please review the constitution and if you would like to propose changes please use the proposed changes form.

When requesting a change to the constitution, please make sure that you state the Page number, Article, and Section numbers of the current constitution.  If the proposed change is unclear, it will be automatically rejected.