Honourary Lifetime Member Award


Honorary Lifetime membership may be bestowed upon an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Association as a whole over a period of time.

The Past Presidents of the Association will be bestowed an Honorary Lifetime Membership by the Association at the completion of their term of office. Honorary Lifetime Members status shall be “Associate Member” at large with no fees required & no voting privileges.

The Honorary Lifetime Members are:

2001 Life Members:
Phyllis Norton, Marjorie Brown, Isobel Campbell, Sister Mary Rose, Millie Asling, Betty Jane Fielding/Tayler, Pauline Fallis, Larry Paquet, Nancy Hanwell, Inez McGee, Muriel Shaw & Marilyn Toppozini and Exhibitor Representative Tom Preston

2002 Life Members:
Marg Valcour Exhibitor
Butch Benoit Exhibitor

2003 Life Member:
Derek Canfield

2004 Life Member:
Colleen Landers

2006 Life Member:
Bill McInerney

2007 Life Members:
Bob Bothwell Exhibitor
Dennis Thompson Exhibitor

2008 Life Members:
Jean Richmond
Elly Ernest
Donna Choma
Grace Roberts

2009 Life Members:
Joan Thompson
Les Kowalski

2010 Life Member:
Tim Richards

2011 Life Members:
Vreni Lall
Andree Miousse

2012 Life Members:
Michael Lacatus
Tony Angione
Sheryl Baker

2013 Life Members:
Anne Karnas
Moira Dunbar

2014 Life Member:
Lorna Coutoulas

2017 Life Member:
Cindy Cole

2019 Life Member:
Denise Bosnjak

2022 Life Member:
Candia Anderson