MDRAO now offers its exam in French!

MDRAO now offers its exam in French!

The Medical Device Reprocessing Association of Ontario, a national leader in MDR, is excited to announce it now offers its exam in French.

MDRAO is committed to serving MDR specialists all over Ontario, and this is an important step to ensure all our members have valued credentials, whether you are francophone or anglophone.

If you are about to complete your course, or want to renew your certificate, the French exam is available now. If you have purchased a voucher with plans to take the exam shortly, you will be offered a choice of both languages when booking your online exam. If you have already booked your exam and would like to change it to the French version, please contact the office at least 5 days before your scheduled date and time.

The MDR course will be completely translated for later this year. Look for news on our website.

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